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My name is Richard and this developing website is for the benefit of my clients and assosiates. When completed; registered users will be able to gain access to an online account where they'll be able to view their website's various stages of development and, once their site is launched - will be able to view their website's statistics & analyitics.

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The iopan brand now contains several subdomains to the main url - these are to provide me with different work platforms to follow different interests. For example: at, I'm making available a number of icon designs that I've recently developed. At, I'm not only building the next main iopan website, but I'm testing out a lot of different resources such as CSS scripts, navigation patterns and Jquery plugins.

The iopan clients' websites list shows a number of my valued clients who I've been working with since I began freelancing. I've worked on all of these clients' sites, sometimes building them from the ground up - other-times working on a pre-chosen Wordpress theme.

So here follows those two lists of links:



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The (somewhat sporadic) iopan newsletter contains details of all the projects that I'm currently working on. There's also various freebies available and from time-to-time, special offers and price reductions. I also use the newsletter to showcase my work and my clients businesses.

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Please feel free to get in touch by filling out the form. If you have a creative project which you'd like some assisstance with - or a website concept that you'd like to discus - I'd be happy to help you.