Margaret Godwin BA. Dipl.POP.

Psychotherapist & Artist


More than merely recording a place, the paintings register a history of experienced moods, giving a palimpsest of such moments which the artists technique itself powerfully reinforces. Repeated observations of the landscape recorded in sketches, watercolour and photographs are then worked up in the studio through the building up of layers which allow form gradually to emerge from a chaos of colour.

Each painting thus becomes a distillation of many encounters, the more intense for their multiplicity and variety. The landscape - and particularly the water in it - reflects back the painters many acts of observation in a condensed moment of reciprocal looking which results in an arresting absence , or at least reticence, of self. Eavesdropping on this mutual encounter, the viewer is, in turn drawn into the mutual gaze of observer and observed with a force that is indeed worthy of the title meditation

Catherine Bates

All Paintings © Margaret Godwin