Margaret Godwin BA. Dipl.POP.

Psychotherapist & Artist


Margaret Godwin

Margaret was initially attracted to Process Work as it contains a paradigm that encompassed her main fields of interest from her medical background, at the same time allowing her to develop creatively as an artist.

She has been in, and trained in, process work since Arnold Mindell began his teaching in this country some years ago and is a founder member of the Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology UK.

Margaret has taught Process Work for the Research Society and for OCHR, as well as having her own practice in Leamington Spa.

Margaret is still interested in, and most of here work is centred around, deep body states, chronic and acute symptomatology and the part that these play in personal life, myth and individual identity.

Margaret's other main interests are the creative and visual arts and she enjoys working with the processes of painters, writers and actors. She explores and encourages her clients' creativity and the way it is used for problem solving in everyday life.

The changing cultural myth is also something Margaret is interested in, observing how this is reflected in all our dreams and in the work of artists.



What is Process Oriented Psychology?

Process work, developed by Dr Arnold Mindell, has its roots in Jungian psychology and also draws from Taoist philosophy and information theory.

It gives structure in which to work with a wide range of human experiences and situations, often stretching the usual definition of psychotherapy. Process work addresses the change which is trying to happen at the edge of a persons consciousness, helping the change to be integrated and developed consciously and creatively.

It uses dreams and body work and addresses interruptions and blocks in the perceptual system, unblocking and using new energy and identity, taking the persons to new states and potentials. The discipline is rigorous and works with wide range of conditions, including chronic and acute symptoms altered and extreme states and even coma.

Process work focuses on the philosophies, beliefs and attitudes in ourselves which shed new light on a situation and which give us the courage and humour to try out alternative approaches an lifestyles.
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