Margaret Godwin BA. Dipl.POP.

Psychotherapist & Artist

Reasons for Therapy

This is a time of change. Finding an inner spiritual core from which we can develop allows a different expression of our nature and allows us to respond to a rapidly changing world.

Long or short term therapy may include:

  • Change

    Surfing the waves of change Coping creatively with the many transformations which are taking place both within ourselves and the environment. Births and deaths exist on many levels. Sometimes, to withdraw, review and re-assess can bring us to a new place and expression of our being.
  • Stress

    Stress and Chronic Symptoms can help us to look at the quality of our life and our goals and spiritual expressions. Working with physical symptoms, we can realize there is a design and meaning behind illness which can be accessed and unfolded by following the body's experience in depth.
  • Addiction

    Addiction and Addictive Tendencies often occur at times of changing mode, perhaps from active to more meditative states. In addition to being adversaries, addictions may also be potential allies in a search for wholeness. Addictions lead us to behaviour and states of consciousness which can be harmful, yet when processed and valued, these same states and actions may show us parts of ourselves that need to be expressed more fully. These things happen when we unfold an addiction.
  • Depression

    Depression Altered states of consciousness are as common as dreaming. One of the most common and unsolved altered state problems is the experience of chronic depression or feelings of meaninglessness. In can be like drifting in a sad fog without a map. Taking time to re-assess may help recover energy and enthusiasm.
  • Eating Disorders and Body Image

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  • Altered States including Panic Attacks

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  • Power Issues and Abuse

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  • Power Issues and Money

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  • Relationship Issues

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Many enter therapy simply for personal growth and spiritual expression, well-being, or to spend time nurturing their creative expression.

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