Margaret Godwin BA. Dipl.POP.

Psychotherapist & Artist

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For the past 25 years I have had a career both as a Psychotherapist and a Landscape Painter.

One feeds the other, and both are informed by Process Oriented Psychology.

My paintings are most successful when I respond to an impulse or energy from the environment or landscape, which occurs at the beginning of the painting. In Process Work terms this is a "flirt" containing energy and relationship potential, so that my response forms part of a relationship with the landscape and is continued during the painting.

This is often similar to the work with clients in therapy. So, the painting becomes something initiated and continued by the landscape, dreamt up by signals and response into an abstract expression of colour and musical rhythms.

Margaret's paintings originate in a variety of geographical locations. The common theme is water.

There are glimpses of the South Downs, especially in the area of the Seven Sisters, as well as local haunts around the river Leam in Leamington Spa and Chesterton.

The work has been shown in exhibitions in Oxford, the South Coast and around Warwickshire, including solo exhibitions.
All Paintings © Margaret Godwin