• Bill Sankey
  • Persh Hannah Sasoon
  • Chris Harrison
  • Denny Reader
  • Richard Proffitt

Sketches by Bill Sankey

Shapes in my mind, human hand as vector graphic software, random free thought experiments, archetype and logo, telephone conversation therapy, obsessive compulsion fixation addiction, the hand on the cave wall, origami pattern maker, a sunlit river sparkles in the gorge.

Artwork by Persh Hannah Sassoon

I’ve painted all my life, I think... and taken photos since I was seven. My first camera was a Brownie 127! I’m very visual & I dream in full colour, & my art is colourful and vibrant. I hope that my work will uplift the energy in any spaces where it is shown.

Artwork by Denny Reader

Art to me is an expression of any kind, but the art i like to focus upon is imaginative and symbolic. Something conveying a real meaning, a perception or concept.

Artwork by Christopher Harrison

“Their origins lie in my investigation into Buddhist and Hindu meditative artworks called Mandalas. The Mandalas were originally created over days sometimes weeks and then destroyed upon completion as an statement on the all encompassing nature of change”

The Mandala by Richard Proffitt

I've been interested in mandalas since the mid-nineties... and have produced them in all manner of media. The mandalas that I've made lately have been computer generated and drawn directly on Photoshop...