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DIZ continue to try and make this website as accessible as possible and to meet internet standards of accessibility. Whilst none of us are perfect, there are sure to be errors and occational mistakes - if you could let us know of any issues you may have with the site, then please do contact the webmaster at: with a clear description of the access issue - and we shall endeaver to put it right.


Style Switcher

At the top right hand corner of the page, you may have noticed a series of buttons, each with an 'S' on them - indicating 'style'. If you are accessing this site on a smaller screen, then the style-switcher buttons will have migrated to an off-screen position. You can access them by pressing on the 'Settings' cog icon - in the top right corner.

Image of the styling buttons, Backgrounds are black, white and yellow.

The current available styles are i) The default theme: Black text on a white background. ii) Inverse theme: White text on a black background; and iii) The Contrast theme: Black text on a yellow background. Try the other themes to see if they're easier to read for you.


Font re-sizing

Although you may be aware that most modern browsers have setting options to re-size or magnify the screen; here we have provided a built-in font-resize system. The re-size buttons are also on the top right-hand side, and again, when the screen is seen at a small size, the buttons are shifted to the right off-screen navigation which can be accessed by pressing the 'settings' cog icon also at the top right of the screen

Image of the font re-size buttons. A: reset. A+: increase and A-: decrease.

Press the A+ button to increase the font size, and the A- to decrease it. The A button will re-set the size to a default.


ARIA Landmarks & Sreen Readers

Throughout the site, the HTML markup has made use of ARIA Landmarks to assist screen readers. The landmarks are key areas of a page that can be set with key words, such as, for the primary navigation the landmark would be writen in HTML as:

<nav role="navigaton" aria-label="Primary">...</nav>

For more information on ARIA Landmarks, try the link for the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group:

"Using ARIA landmarks to identify regions of a page".


Browser Accessibility

Choose which browser you use and follow the links to the accessibility page.



Firefox includes many features to make the browser and web content accessible to all users, including those who have low vision, no vision, or limited ability to use a keyboard or mouse.

Accessibility features in Firefox



There are many extensions which improve accessibility or which help developers create accessible web applications, such as ChromeVox, ChromeShades, and ChromeVis.

Chrome Low-Vision Features

Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Chrome Screen reader Integration Vision & Progress

Accessible Chrome Extensions


Internet Explorer

Again, there are many features for IE, but check the main accessibility website for features that effect your version of the IE browser. The following links apply to IE8.

Zoom in on a webpage

Change the colors and fonts used for webpages

Improve the legibility of printed webpages

Use the keyboard to surf the web

Select text and move around a webpage with a keyboard

Customize Internet Explorer 8 to work with a screen reader or voice recognition software

Use accelerators to perform common tasks

For help with other versions of IE follow this link:

Windows Main Accessibility Site



Here is a link to the Opera help & support pages where you can find information on Opera's accessibility features

Opera Help Pages



Safari works in conjunction with Apple's wider accessibility features, information which can be found on Apple's general accessibility page.

Apple Accessibility


Other Accessibility Information

Find here links to a variety of websites dealing with accessibility on the three main operating systems; also, details on mobile phones and other devices.

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows

Accessibility in Windows 2000
Accessibility in Windows XP
Accessibility in Windows Vista
Accessibility in Windows 7
Accessibility in Windows 8
Accessibility in Windows 10
Accessibility in Microsoft Products


Apple OSX

Apple Accessibility



Linux Foundation: Open Accessibility Workgroup
8 accessible Linux distributions to try
Sonar GNU/Linux: An Accessible Operating System
Accessibility Leaders in Linux
Ubuntu Accessibility


Mobile Devices


Screen Reader Information

Screen Reader Operating System Availability Website
JAWS Windows Commercially Available
Microsoft Narrator Windows Included with System
NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) Windows Freely Available
VoiceOver Mac Included with System
Ocra Unix Bundled with Gnome
BRLTTY Unix With most Unix systems
ChromeVox All OS’s Extension for Chrome by Google
FireVox All OS’s Extension for Firefox
WebAnywhere All OS’s Open Source web-based


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